Gravity’s Last Days in the Studio

6 thoughts on “Gravity’s Last Days in the Studio

  1. We just saw your elephant at the airport yesterday. What a magnificent animal! Congratulations!
    Suzanne and Eric Albinson
    New Haven

  2. He would look wonderful walking out of my woods!!!
    Every time I see him, i love him more!!
    Thank you for sharing him, you are very talented.

  3. We were at the airport earlier this evening picking up a family member coming to visit us. We were blown away by your evocative work. What a majestic sculpture and so very meaningful given the deplorable conditions under which captive elephants are treated in addition to the threat of extinction they are suffering due to poaching for their ivory, diminishing habitat, climate change affecting their food supply and breeding environment.

    Ever since I saw the picture on Google Images of Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr. proudly holding the tail he had cut off an elephant he had gunned down while “hunting” in Africa, I have been very upset. In stark contrast to Junior’s despicable mindlessness and cruelty to entertain himself, your sculpture conveys your profound knowledge, empathy, and compassion for this magnificent animal. You are an amazing artistic talent. I wish the whole world could see Gravity in person! Thank you for creating him.

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