Eben frames up the elephant

About Eben

Eben began his vocation as a sculptor while still in his teen years. His first medium was papier mache. Two decades later, Eben has stayed true to his course and now stands by an impressive body of work. He received his education not in a classroom, but in his father’s restoration car shop. He is a self-taught metallurgist who instinctively gravitated towards the animal kingdom as his muse. Because of the size of his work, Eben has worked exclusively on a commission basis. His pieces are held in private collections throughout the United States. Eben was born and resides in Vermont, close to the natural world that inspires him.

“The act of engaging in the creative process offers up the ideal antidote for my oppressive disappointment with humanity’s selfishness and hypocrisy. We falsely believe we are entitled to separate ourselves from that which we cannot live without; ownership of, rather than partnering with the natural world. I am driven to create sculpture by a need to focus on one thing other than the global pain humanity continues to keep in the closet. Through my art I hope to inspire others to consider how much we have lost and how little we have gained. The natural world when witnessed takes your breath away, and when carelessly destroyed, ruins any chance we have as a species to continue our existence in a true and honorable manner.” –Eben